Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Overdue

This post is long overdue. First I got caught up in midterms and then my colloquium (which is my college's version of defending your thesis) and after that was done, the internet in my apartment was out for three weeks. Ah. Such is life. And now of course, my brother lost the digital camera, so I have some update pics, but not very new.

My Lady E is coming along quite well. I've used about three or four balls of Kureyon so far, and the shawl is growing large. I might not use all ten balls, make a bit shorter Lady E.
Also in this time I've started and frogged about four socks and become addicted to sock yarn in the process (joining many others on the road to financial ruination via thin, brightly colored yarn). I've almost completed one sock (my first one!) which is full of mistakes, and needs it's toe grafted. I've taken to heart, however, as the illustrious Yarn Harlot, mentioned at some point that she considers any sock that fits on a foot a good outcome. I'm going to have peace with my mistake-ridden sock, and already with my second I'm improving.

Some old pics...more to come soon (as soon as I borrow a digital camera.)

My Lady E has grown since this pic was taken. But I was so excited I finally figured out entrelac--it took me several frustrating tries.

I got my hands on some Vesper in the "Knit & Tonic" colorway. Eventually this will be a pair of Jaywalkers. The Vesper is only one of my sock yarn sins, I'm got some Lorna's Laces, Opal and Koigu stashed. I recently caved and asked Sweet Georgia to dye me some of her "Speed Demon" sock yarn in the "River" colorway. But that's absolutely it on sock yarn for awhile. I've got enough to last me at least a couple of months (I hope.)