Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sad day in knittingville. But--I learned a very important lesson that I should've realized a long time ago. That lesson would be: Do not twist stitches when knitting in the round. Seriously. Do not twist the stitches. I knew this. Somehow--I think I thought I was above this knitting "golden rule." Or maybe not above--I was just misguided. I have learned my lesson.

My Odessa hat? It was lovely--but it was sooo twisted. I had to frog it. The whole, lovely, beaded, Cher & Bob Mackie softness of it. It was sad--but funny too. I realized that if I was living on the frontier--or in any situation where my knitting was to clothe my family or myself--my family would be dead. Like in Oregon Trail--they'd die on the trail from my twisted knitting. Well, I have stumbled, and frogged and am now picking myself up again. Tomorrow I am hopeful that I will have time to cast on again and re-knit. Also upcoming this weekend is finally finishing & block Backyard Leaves.

Also sad--still no digital camera. Though, with my twisted knitting disaster, maybe not such a bad thing.


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