Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Good, the Bad & the reknitting

First the bad:

No school work got done today. I was thinking about doing some work for my short story class (writing the letters to other writers and working on the story I have to hand in on Monday) but that didn't get done. Maybe, hopefully, I'll get some work done on my story--it has to be revised a bit before I hand it out to the class for *gasp* discussion next week. What did get done is:

The Good:

I wove in the ends and blocked my Backyard Leaves scarf. It's reclining on the living room table, drying overnight from its dunk in the sink. This scarf was the first FO I ever knit using either a chart or a pattern.
Well, that's not exactly true. Several years ago, (I'm not sure when even) I got a quick pattern written up for a hat at my LYS. The hat looks lovely--but, I never wore it, as it was far too big. It was also knit during my unfortunate fascination for novelty yarns. (Novelty yarns have their place--and their are some really lovely ones--but this hat was not the place for quite so many of them.)

More to come on Backyard Leaves (cross your fingers for pictures too!) when I finish it--which will also hopefully be this weekend.

The ReKnitting:

Either later tonight or tomorrow, I am going to (re) cast-on for Grumperina's Odessa hat. This time, there will be no twisting. There will only be a lovely, wooly, soft, white & gold hat at the end. Which will fit and unlike my earlier LYS novelty hat--I'll wear.


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