Friday, February 10, 2006

Digital Camera Blues

First post, which is unfortunately pictureless. I've been holding off starting the blog in truth for a couple of weeks because I was waiting for the digital camera problems to be resolved. They will hopefully be resolved soon (as a new picture card [stand in for a lost USB cable] has apparently been ordered.) In the meantime I decided to go ahead and post, for myself, if nothing else, so that I can start keeping track & sharing all my knitting goodness--even sans pictures. So! On to the knitting content of this post:

Backyard leaves is still awaiting my finishing it. I've got progress pictures (currently trapped on the digital camera) and all I have to do is finish weaving in the ends, block that baby, and then graft the two pieces together. I'm going to try to do that this weekend so that I may actually get a chance to wear it this winter--especially if we get that snowstorm that they're predicting for this weekend.

My fingerless-glove "Urban Mittens" from Subway Knitter's pattern (slightly modified) are a little less than half-way done. I've finished the body of one glove sans mitten cap and need to weave in the ends on that and then knit the mitten cap. Then of course I have to knit the second mitten--unless I'm planning on having my hands take turns.

And I've started my Odessa (pattern courtesy of Grumperina). I am so excited about this hat! Part of the reason I'm excited is that yesterday I bought my first pair of Addi Turbo's--and may I say: Wow. I know that many others have sang their praises--but Wow. Let me just join in the hallelujah chorus. I -love- these needles. They are so expensive, $16 at one of my LYS', but worth it. So worth it. They're so light--and fast--and quiet--and just wow. I am lustful for more pairs now. I'm also enjoying knitting Grumperina's pattern. It's fairly simple but the results are v. beautiful. I'm using the recommended yarn in a cream color (more detailed specs to come) and gold beads. V. Cher & Bob Mackie in the 70's but elegant too.

Hopefully my next post will contain pic's.


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