Sunday, February 26, 2006

A cat is to a dog: As an Odessa is to....

An Onion Dome? Not exactly. I know Odessa was named after the Russian city, as mentioned in the pattern notes (Odessa) and maybe this is just because I'm an art history dork--but the hat reminds me very strongly of the Russian onion domes. Or a swirl of ice cream...but I was trying for some class.

Here she is, my finished Odessa. Please ignore the weird fold in the upper right of the photo--she does lie flat (just not in this picture.) And the specs:

Pattern: Odessa (link above) courtesy of Grumperina.
Yarn: Rowan CashsoftDK, color cream 500, most of one skein.
Beads: About 127 size six metal "gold" beads.
Needles: Size six needle, sixteen inch Addi Turbos.
Modifications: I knit 1/2 inch longer in the body of the hat (making for 6 inches from the CO edge) than the pattern dictated to accommodate my ginourmous head. And it fits perfectly!

Check it out:

I enjoyed this pattern quite a bit. It was complicated enough not to be boring, but simple enough to memorize (and if I forgot all I had to do was look at the stitches to figure out what I was supposed to do.) And the results were fantastic! I also love the yarn, it's soft--has great yardage--and a very nice sheen to it. I wore my hat out on its first outing yesterday to a new (at least to me) LYS: Seaport Yarn. Much fun to be had there & cash spent. More info on that to come.


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