Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Backyard Leaves Turns into a Whole Backyard

FO: Backyard Leaves Scarf (though I've decided to call mine Backyard Scarf due to it's inadvertent enormous proportions) from Scarf Styles and designed by Annie Modesitt.

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8, color 7, 4 (& about 3/4 balls)

I bought this yarn originally because of the rave review I read about on Laura's blog @ Stream of Consciousness. I know other people have had problems with the yarn (as Grumperina mentioned.) So far, I've been very happy with it. It's lovely to knit with, soft, springy and luscious. It also didn't make my neck itch when I wear it, always appreciated. It did "deflate" a little bit when I wet it and blocked it--but I'm still happy with the yarn. Hopefully, it'll continue to wear well (without the dreaded little pills.)

The pattern is wonderful--a lot has been said about in blog-land and I concur with all the rave reviews. I would like to knit this scarf again (paying attention to gauge this time.) And paying attention to a couple of other little mistakes I made, including not Ssk'ing but k2tog tbl instead (also using the wrong cast on--which caused some grafting issues at the top). The FO ended up being far larger than the pattern specs--each half was about 56 inches blocked. It actually works well when wrapped around my neck, a nice warm scarf with plenty of "tail" left over to hang down and show off. But--as soon as I unwind it from my neck it is rather unwieldy. This was the first FO I've ever done with a chart--and the most complicated knit I've ever undertaken. Overall I'm pleased with the results--and have learned (I promise you) the importance of gauge in a pattern.

Also--finally--we have pictures! The digital camera blues are over.

Unblocked Backyard Leaves

& finally a close up of some of the lovely leaves.


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